“Heathcare Auditing Strategies” Quotes Whistleblowerlawyerblog Author on State Whistleblower Statutes

To understand why states are passing their own “False Claims Acts” with qui tam whistleblower provisions, the heath care compliance newsletter Heathcare Auditing Strategies called on one of the authors of this whistleblower lawyer blog, Michael A. Sullivan.

The May 2007 edition of this heath care compliance publication discusses the results of our efforts in this blog to explain these new state statutes, and to report on how these state statutes have fared when reviewed by the Office of Inspector General of HHS. States with false claim statutes with qui tam whistleblower provisions at least as effective as those of the federal False Claims Act are entitled to a 10 point increase in the state’s share of Medicaid fraud recoveries.

This well-presented article by Andrea Leptinsky, “Whistleblower laws cause states to scramble for their own,” explains to health care compliance and auditing professionals the progression of these new false claims acts, and what it means to them.

Separately, we have also been busy in providing input to legislators to explain and improve the version of the False Claims Act that passed on April 13 in Georgia, the Georgia State False Medicaid Claims Act. We have also planned a seminar for September 20 in Atlanta with some nationally known speakers to explain these whistleblower statutes and the new IRS Whistleblower program in which we have been busily working as well–details to follow in future posts on this whistleblower lawyer blog.

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