Home Health Care Operator Receives Prison Time for Medicare Fraud

False Claims Act Case Continues Over Health Care Fraud Allegations

As other whistleblower attorneys who were former federal prosecutors know, Medicare fraud may sometimes lead not only to a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit, but also to prison time for the guilty party. A former home health care company owner now faces almost three years in prison after being convicted of defrauding Medicare of more than $1 million.

U. S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds in Detroit sentenced Amjad Khan, a certified public accountant and the former CEO of American Home Health Care Inc., to 33 months in prison. A False Claims Act case remains pending against the defendant.

The health care fraud case concerned fraudulent claims for nonreimbursable expenses between 1995 and 1999.

We agree with U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy’s comment about the case: “Health care fraud is a silent tax forcing honest citizens and corporations to pay more for health insurance premiums and medical services than they should.”

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