SEC Targets COVID-19 Fraud, and Its Success Will Depend on SEC Whistleblowers

At 5 pm EDT today, the SEC’s NY Regional Office is hosting a call to alert investors about COVID-19 investment scams.

As the anxious public yearns for vaccines, treatments, and protections from the virus, the SEC has warned of a “substantial potential for fraud relating to COVID-19. The SEC’s enforcement actions against 23 companies will grow as more fraud is uncovered.

Whistleblowers are critical to the SEC’s efforts to stop COVID-19 fraud.  The SEC Office of the Whistleblower is authorized to pay monetary awards to whistleblowers whose information leads to an order of sanctions of $1 million or more.

Our firm’s lawyers are uniquely suited to bring attention to meritorious SEC whistleblower claims.  Our firm has the only former Senior Officer and Regional Director of the SEC who represents SEC whistleblowers, Walter Jospin.  We have the ability and experience to evaluate a potential Whistleblower claim and determine if it will interest the SEC Division of Enforcement.  If it does not, the case is lost.  Few lawyers have that experience.

Whistleblowers perform a critical public service when they help protect the public from fraud, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

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